As an artist I have collected art and followed artists all my life. Nearly 8 years ago I stumbled across a lovely doll artist Marina Bychkova and her wonderful Enchanted dolls, the quality of workmanship was exquisite.

After following her engaging blog for a few years I was able to purchase one of her mini-art dolls .. and suddenly I was hooked on these tiny art works. Suddenly I became a collector, and now I am one crazy doll lady!

In the last two years I have collected ball-joint dolls from artists around the world – Japan, Russia, Canada, US, Estonia and many more. I have both resin and porcelain dolls, all which are fully articulated and measure between 20cm to 40cm high.

Being an artist I have enjoyed finding my own creative touch, making wigs from mohair, painting their tiny faces, creating chairs and most recently making miniature Victorian lamps. Who knew! Taking photos, styling scenes and connecting with other doll artists around the world has been lovely.

So from my latest additions .. more dolls, more photos and another doll post!

Top image: ‘A girl with no name’ by Marmite Sue, Japan.

Kalina – 40cm porcelain by Randi Channel with my 40cm Skull lamp in the background.

My photos are now available as a book from BLURB called ‘A Secret Life of Dolls’ … order one now.

Doll lamps and chairs also available on my ETSY store .. visit here.


New addition waiting to be painted – 40cm resin by Marmite Sue, Japan.


Kimba – 40cm porcelain by Randi Channel


Kimba – 40cm porcelain by Randi Channel

OOla a 40cm resin by Popovy Sisters. Lamp and chair by me. Vintage doll top.


Jedda – a 30cm resin by Pidgin doll, Macalla – a 30cm resin by Lidia Snul. Butterfly chair by me.


Macalla – a 30cm resin by Lidia Snul.

Always the artist


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