After renovating for 7 years, we have restored, expanded, polished, refurbished and modernised our little MCM.

I trust we were able to keep some of its authentic charm while expanding this home to be more livable in today times. The original home was built in 1959 and we were fortunate to meet the original owner who provided us a lot of details of the original. It had been rented out for nearly 20 years before our arrival in 2011 and fortunately the original bones remained.

I created two other posts about our house if you are interested:

Now we are delighted to call it ours, with beautiful views over Mt Dandenong, lots of timber and plenty of Mist … the whole house has come finally together!


My fav – the kitchen and dining

Drop in to see Lindsay at Mint Kitchens in Melbourne!

Still waiting for the splash-back – kitchen and shelves all done!

Original Jo Hammerborg copper spun lights have been re-released, so beautiful. Dining chairs are Henrik Tengler.

Jo Hammerborg copper lights, Finbar Dac limited edition prints in the background.

Indoor-outdoor dining patio area. Jo Hammerborg copper lights, Dining chairs are Henrik Tengler.

Teak veneer kitchen by Lifestyle Kitchens (Mint Kitchens) to match the rest of the house, glass splashback by Visual Resources – all in Melbourne.

Wonderful shelves to match stairs by my wonderful hubby Ray xoxo


Such as journey to get here!

Everything done .. stumps, water, gas, floors, ceilings, roof, insulation, electrical, plumbing.


Bought a temporary kitchen for 14 months off eBay and sold it again.

This fella had enough and wasnt going to move out for the floor polishing.


One of the best ideas we ever had .. including skylights has made the house so light.


A back patio to really enjoy ready by 2018.



Open plan lounge room – then and now

Lurv the new open plan stairs


Finished lounge room with original fireplace, bricks, mantel and ceiling. Walls painted in an original Beurwick lime-wash, bamboo light pendant locally made.


Older loungeroom pic .. we didnt change this room at all, just moved furniture around.


The original lounge room fireplace circa 1965.

Always the artist



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