Why do we shy away from bright colors in our homes? Not me! I love striking colors, rich textures, bold patterns and something to look at everywhere I turn with art and sculpture.

A mouthful of a sentence and an eyeful fro those that prefer the less mundane and home the strong personality or style. Our house is a classic mid-century modernist home built during the Robin Boyd era in Melbourne. We have restored, expanded, modernised and colored our home for our pleasure rather than as a museum piece.

I created two other posts about our house if you are interested:

Clearly I am house proud and also needed a place to put our house pics when needing to show friends 🙂

Be bold in color and texture

It might be all dark blue-stone but with patterns and strong contrast it works.


On the flip-side … nothing is nicer than the cooling colors of a resort style bathroom. Porters Paint – Apple Green, timber with blue stone, a deep bath making for a small slice of heaven at home.


No need to have identical timbers or stone .. we used them all.


A light room can afford strong and striking colors. Porters Paint – aquamarine, original painting Matt Stew-Art in background, Tasmanian Mrytle timber veneer wall and Aura soft furnishings.


Using a frosted glass wall in the en-suite helps keep it light and bright even though it’s surrounded with dark colors. Still waiting for the vanity mirror.


Do it in black – add texture and contrast .. it works fine. Wonderful Cockatoo wallpaper from Porters Paints.


Be bold in patterns and collectables

Keeping it real. This goat skull was sourced by our son from outback Queensland where they are a pest.


Bold doesnt have to be bright. This bedroom is subtle in color but bold in its Dandelion pattern to match the dappled sunlight and dark blinds.


This narrow veranda blocks looking at the neighbors roof. We added these back-lit glass pictures to provide some scenery at night.


This narrow veranda blocks looking at the neighbors roof so it creates its own scenery with art and plants.


Be brave when decorating – original mid-century timber wall with my fav collectibles, art and dead things.


Beautiful spring blossoms with wooden textures and striking MCM lines.


Wonderful teak veneer kitchen with glass splash-back. I discovered this bright color and pattern would work when I put a vase of red roses on the bench and thought wow, just do it!

Always the artist


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