Surrealism is a cultural movement which started in the 1920s … with digital technology surrealism has re-entered the modern art world with the assistance of Photoshop, iPhone and the many camera tools available today.

These artists below, have maintained brush to canvas to create an extraordinary approach to modern day surrealism.

They continue to create a reflection into the innermost subconscious of the individual’s they paint, each being subtly juxtaposed with their surrounds and artifacts. However today’s surrealists blend pop culture with traditional painting and the contemporary themes of our fast paced society.


Ray Caesar

We3Kings Ray-Caesar-x-Theonepointeight-30 RayCaesar8Ray Caesar Ray Caesar - DAY TRIP (2011) Ray Caesar  2


Mark Ryden

mark-ryden1 mark ryden Mark Ryden 4Mark Ryden 3 Mark Ryden 2


David Stoupakis

DAVID STOUPAKISDavid Stoupakis 5 David Stoupakis 4 David Stoupakis 3David Stoupakis 2