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Decorating in cowhide

How would you go about decorating in cowhide? Have you considered decorating in cowhide in your home to get that country feeling or a more earthy edge? After buying my new cowhide handbag the other day I was inspired to track down some of the best decorating in...

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Home decorating in Chinese

You will enjoy this cute website called Its home decorating in Chinese and they have gathered a great collection of interior design pics and broken them down into wonderful color palettes. So if you are ever looking for a new color idea, visit...

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The art of photographing homes

The skill required in stylizing and photographing home interiors is surprising difficult. Years of artistic endeavor eventually enable the amazing images we all enjoy looking into. They adorn the high quality magazines covers, architectural digests and the dizzy...

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Creatively bohemian bedrooms

I loved this post on bohemian bedrooms in Houzz so much .. I just decided to embed directly! Defining bohemianism (boho) as an interior style is really attempting to label something that can’t be labelled, so dependent is it on the individual. It has elements of...

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Artists design unique home lights

Many artists and designers are multi-disciplinary and foray between art, sculpture, mixed media and home design. Home lighting is often an object of sculpture which many artists extend their skills into and has been a element of architectural time since the days...

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The largest canvas – your walls!

How often have you walked into a home and been amazed at its creative style. Did you notice that the magic touch often lies in the way walls are treated .. as art? Many home decorating ideas seek to create a wow factor yet most home owners are too afraid to commit...

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Amazing creative bedheads

Since I was inspired by doors on my last post, I thought I would share with you my own amazing creative bedheads! Yes readers, once upon a time I had a business making artistic bedheads called Fantasy Dreams. So I thought I would dust off ye'ole photos and share my...

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