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The coolest creative shelves

How cool are these creative shelves! I adore the fact that the love of books and reading can blend with interior design and creative inspiration. So next time you are looking for a statement piece for your home, consider creating a unique bookshelf from materials as...

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Dont mind a bit of black at home

I dont mind a bit of black at home. Next week we install black carpet in our new extension much to many friends horror. Black! It will make your room look smaller! Black! It will show up all the fluff! Well news-flash ... I already have a black leather lounge, black...

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Art in the Forest

He calls it Cabin in the Forest, I call it Art in the Forest. Architectural 3D concept by Tomek Michalski. The vision of the place to clear one’s head targeted at the individuals who need rest, seclusion from other people, the world and daily life. A cold, misty...

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Planning my extension in 3D

One of the best creative adventures I have spent money on was my Punch 3D Home program. Just $79 at our local computer store at the time, I have used it endlessly to remodel our home. I first used the program to create our new bathroom which I covered in a previous...

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Can you live in the colorful home?

Surrounding your home in color is a vibrant way to keep yourself and surrounds full of energy and fuel. But can you go as far as painting your entire household awash with bright colors? These home owners do. Living in a colorful home enables these individuals to...

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My name is Dina and I hope you enjoy my blog on inspiration of contemporary arts, crafts and design in your own home. Read more about Dina here ...

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