I just had to republish this post from Houzz about ‘Homes in the Middle of Nowhere’  Why? Because I want to be there! Amazing architectural homes, maybe not quite the property of the rich and famous but beautiful, creative, peaceful, secluded and perfect!

Source: Picture Perfect: 28 Homes in the Middle of Nowhere by 

From afar, the eye is almost deceived. “What house?” you might think to yourself, trying to find them within the surrounding landscape. These uncharted homes from all over the world venture far from the crowds, standing proudly on top of remote mountains, in nondescript crevices or on the edge of vast waters. From timber huts to grand estates, some of these remote homes are just waiting to be discovered, while others enjoy the quiet life, well and truly off the grid.

Lakehouse Spa by Ben Cunliffe Architects Ltd. Cumbria, UK


Hut on Sleds by Crosson Clarke Carnachan Architects. Auckland, New Zealand


Tom’s House – Jack’s Point by Anna-Marie Chin Architects Ltd. Queenstown, New Zealand


Hide and Seek by Gestalten. Berlin, Germany


Nettly Wood by Bosworth Hoedemaker. Washington, USA


Sky House by PLATFORM architecture + design. Washington, USA


Closeburn House by Mason & Wales Architects. Queenstown, New Zealand


Casa Paz y Comedias by Anna Bosca of Ramon Esteve. Valencia, Spain


Brockloch Bothy by Echo Living. Galloway, Scotland, UK


Florida Island House by Habitat Post & Beam, Inc. Florida, USA


House on the Cliff by Vitrocsa. Alicante, Spain


Alps Villa by Camillo Botticini. Brescia, Italy


Korora by Daniel Marshall Architect. Auckland, New Zealand


Capitol Reef by Imbue Design. Utah, USA


Puhoi Escape photographed by Intense Photography. Puhoi, New Zealand


Walk Barn Farm by Charles Barclay Architects. Suffolk, UK


Planchonella House by Jesse Bennett Architect. Cairns, Australia


Casa China en Leon by Alarcon + Asociados. Madrid, Spain


House of the Infinitive by Alberto Campo Baeza. Madrid, Spain


Maison en Normandie by BECKMANN-N’THEPE ARCHITECTS. Normandy, France


Vivienda en O Incio by Pablo Falcón arquitecto. Lugo, Spain


Casa Levene by The Sibarist Property & Homes. Madrid, Spain


Xanadú by Ricardo Bofill Taller de Arquitectura. Alicante, Spain


Coromandel Beach House by Mercury Bay Design. Coromandel Peninsula, New Zealand


Silverleaf Upper Canyon Lot 1708 by Fisher Custom Homes. Phoenix, USA


Treehouse Home by McElroy Morrisson Pierce Architects. Cairns, Australia


House at Gap Head by Studio Agoos Lovera. Boston, USA


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