Marise Maas is an Australian artist who’s works are about the ordinary. An unusual topic and her style is almost naive and super simplistic in design. What makes painting the ordinary extraordinary is her ability to create a story within a simple crayon-like image.

I remember when I first saw her work I was incredibly drawn to its overly childishness like drawing, blank backgrounds, crayola type sketch. I couldn’t understand why these canvases were so alluring, perhaps they were nostalgic more than anything .. a simple snapshot in time. Perhaps the colors were comforting, a reminder of home kitchens and laundries. Being somewhat vintage in theme, that too created an appeal from my child-hood, especially being of ordinary topics, they were items I could relate to and remember while in the comfort of my mothers home.

It wasn’t until this years exhibition at Flinders Lane Gallery did I notice how Marise’s work started me asking questions about these snapshots of the ordinary. With these horses below I was left feeling uneasy about their story. Were they friends, they looked terribly uncomfortable, forced and interfered. Their snapshot told of lives which were not their own, lives of captivity, cruelty and despite being beautiful creatures, rather ordinary.

Great going Marise Maas!


Marise Maas was born in Utrecht, The Netherlands, in 1969. She emigrated to Australia with her family in 1982, and studied Printmaking at the Tasmanian School of Art. Maas moved to Amsterdam in 1993, where she worked for three years, printmaking at Grafisch Atelier Haarlem, and painting full-time. Her work has been shown in three solo exhibitions in Amsterdam and eleven solo exhibitions in Melbourne, where she now lives and works.

Marise Maas -  LetTheNewKid....

Marise Maas -  plotting

Marise Maas - BeingUseful

Marise Maas - Bulb

Marise Maas - CountMeOut

Marise Maas - dreamon

Marise Maas - HowTo

Marise Maas - look

Marise Maas - saltsmoke

Marise Maas 2

Marise Maas 3

Marise Maas

Marise Maas



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