This is my newest bjd (ball joint doll) member, Kyeema, which is an aboriginal name for ‘of the dawn’. I love this name as she is a strong earthy girl with an almost edgy grunge .. yet everyday a unique beauty!

She is a 1/4 sized (that is 1/4 of a human, about 36cm tall) porcelain doll by Randi Channel of Tiny Shirt USA. This is her Cloud sculpt and the original pink dress, wig and porcelain shoes are by the artist. As with all OOAK (one-of-a-kind) art dolls, she comes with a Certificate of Authenticity, lovely box packaging and a few momentos from the artist.

Tiny Shirt is an emerging artist and therefore Kyeema wasn’t too expensive to buy. I am sure over time Randi’s artistry particularly in  getting the subtle details of the high fired china paints on her face will evolve over time, but her body sculpting is exceptional. Kyeema has 18 articulated body parts strung with elastic and with a double-hip design is very flexible. The overall shape and form of the body, and the details in the hands and feet are really fantastic. I also like the heaviness of the porcelain clay Randi uses, it suits Kyeema’s style very well.

Bottom line  …

I like Kyeema’s edgy almost model like stature. Unlike Surrea my Enchanted Doll who has a fragile vulnerable beauty … Kyeema is strikingly strong.

Kyeema and Celestial chair by Dina _1

Kyeema and the Celestial chair I made, by Dina. Vintage dress, shoes by Tiny Shirt.


Kyeema and Celestial chair by Dina _4

Kyeema now bored with Celestial chair by Dina


Kyeema by Dina - box opening 3

Kyeema’s box opening day.


Kyeema by Dina _1

Necklace by Dina using a lampwork bead.


Kyeema by Dina, in vintage 1

Kyeema in 1960s UK vintage Sindy Doll clothes I bought on ebay.





Work in progress at the studio.



With artist Randi Channel


Always the artist, and now a mad doll collector,