Well I love them. I enjoy a well worked smosh of color that is visually meaningless but eye catching and stimulating at the same time.

I enjoy that it creates a sense of something undescribable, usually an emotive gut reaction rather than offering a easy solutions to the viewer.

One thing I am certain of, its not easy to do; not any 5 year old can paint abstract art that grabs your attention. Not any artist has the innate touch of color which is clear rather than muddied. And very few artists can release their inner zen-like state to entrust their decades of artistic expression to expel honestly from their hands.

It is darn hard to achieve and even harder to master.

Below is a small collection of some famous and not so famous modern abstract colorists. Love them or hate them .. its personal .. I can live with them happily 🙂


Cy Twombly

From Cy Twombly Gallery: Emerging from the New York art world of the early 1950s, Cy Twombly brought a distinctive approach to painting and sculpture that evaded precise affiliation with the predominant movements of the twentieth century, including Abstract Expressionism, Pop Art, and Minimalism.

“The fundamental esthetic qualities are the same: the luminosity, the lightness of the energy of the form, the air of spontaneity, the nervousness of touch, the casual-looking execution, here the line that is flowing and yet taut, there a trembling stillness.” David Sylvester


The Royal Academy Summer Exhibition Previews In Its 241st year


Cy Twombly 1


Cy Twombly 2


Cy Twombly 3


Cy Twombly 4


Cy Twombly


Dirk De Bruycker

Dirk De Bruycker is a Belgian-born artist who currently divides his time between Santa Fe, NM and Granada, Nicaragua.

‘I think some of the intensity and sensuality of Latin America has crept into my work. There is a feeling of unease here below the surface that is palpable and yet it is so beautiful here. The force of life here is so strong; it permeates everything… you can literally hear things grow. I think it is some of that intensity of life, which is very different from my cooler northern European sensibilities, that I have allowed to surface in the paintings.’

Dirk De Bruycker 2


Dirk De Bruycker 3


Dirk De Bruycker 4


Dirk De Bruycker


Hyunmee Lee

Hyunmee Lee was born in Seoul Korea, where she grew up practicing Western Modern art with experience in Eastern painting and calligraphy.

Taoism, Buddhism, and Confuoianism form the essential basis of abstract painter, Hyunmee Lee’s, life and efforts.  Through abstract, gestural work, Lee explores the depth of herself, and marks the journey into spiritual and cultural dimensions. Lee has been featured in museums and galleries in South Korea, Japan, Australia, and the United States.  Lee’s work has found international acclaim, and has been commissioned by collectors around the world.

Hyunmee Lee 2


Hyunmee Lee 3


Hyunmee Lee 4


Hyunmee Lee 5


Hyunmee Lee

Hyunmee Lee - verandah magazine


Yago Hortal

Fom Artsy.net: Yago Hortal paints in vivid, sometimes fluorescent acrylics, smearing, marbling, and splattering the material in thick, abstract brushstrokes onto large-scale white canvases that pop with color. Hortal works on several paintings simultaneously, responding to the colors both impulsively and with premeditation, and often letting the paint drip down the canvas.

“I look for a balance between chaos and order,” he has said, “something like a combination between a chess game and a boxing match.”

yago hortal 2


yago hortal 3


yago hortal 4


yago hortal 5


yago hortal