In the previous two posts I discussed the planning and gold leaf stages of creating one my bedheads. The Kiss bedhead takes at least 3 weeks full time work spread over a 3 month period as the many layers of color, paint, leaf, varnish and waxes need to cure.

The background begins 

At this stage I begin to add the background sections of the cloak, here I use antique green and a black base over an texture paste to give a very 3-dimensional effect. I find these cooler colors help the leaf retreat rather than using the traditional red bole. Once the background color is cured, the gold leaf process begins again … background color, shellac coating, copper/silver/gold leaf process, shellac coating, gilders wax, asphaltum and turps special effects, then a final wax and polish.

cloak5 cloak8


Next stage is the build up of colours for far floral background;  its a combination of gold, purples, greens and textures. To help keep in genre with the gold leaf I use a lot of iridized mediums and good quality mica pigments. I also drill to add beads and crystals to make this area interesting and with more lift visually.


Boring labels and fittings

I take a lot of pride in quality workmanship on the bedheads, along with my ex-husband we ensured all the finest details are taken care of. This includes: varnishing, fitting the wall mounted aluminium brackets and labelled both the front and back.

label_front label_back

During the boring labelling weel …  at least I got to make the colourful glass tile in preparation for the sleeve of her dress.



About Gustav Klimt

Gustav Klimt was a controversial figure in his time. His work was constantly criticized for being too sensual and erotic, and his symbolism too deviant. Today, they stand out as the more important paintings ever to come out of Vienna.

The Kiss painted in 1909 is probably Gustav Klimt’s most famous work. It is also the high point of the artist’s Gold Period, which was characterized by his use of gold leaf in his work. This painting is one in which Klimt deviated from his portrayal of dominant in women in the form of a femme fatale. Instead is the portrayal of love and art, a couple locked in a golden-flecked, flower-filled embrace. Klimt was a man with an unbridled sexual appetite, as he fathered at least 14 illegitimate children. It is rumored that Klimt and his longtime companion, Emile Floge, who was also said to be his lover, were the models of the painting, which was selected to be printed on the Austrian 100 euro coin, minted in 2003.


On my next post

On my next and final post I will walk through the most exciting segment of this wonderful bedhead … making the faces and hands.


I hope you are enjoying my sculptural tutorials.

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