I love having a leisurely browse for all things arty while relaxing from work and renovating. I am often asked how do I find the material I collect for my posts?

Occasionally my ‘well’ does run dry and I struggle to find some inspiration but usually it is triggered by a single find which motivates me to do more research. So here are my steps on how to browse for all things arty.


Step 1 – find some quiet time.

Usually 30 minutes is enough to get your mojo running and then begin delve into some richer research. Weekend mornings is a wonderful relaxing time when I usually write my posts, but other mornings during breakfast or over a cuppa work well. I am also the occasional midnight browser, if tossing around in bed too much I will hop up for 30 minutes, have a browse and then sleep like a log again!


Sorrow and comfort • Auguste Rodin

Sorrow and comfort • Auguste Rodin


Sleeping Beauty, 1878 ~ Ludwig Sussmann Hellborn (German sculptor)

Sleeping Beauty, 1878 ~ Ludwig Sussmann Hellborn (German sculptor)


Step 2 – have some folders set up.

I have 6 folders on my computer for storing all things arty. I pop into the different folders content I find, sorted by topic of inspiration until I am ready to create a post.

As I delete my content after I have posted this is enough structure for me, if I didn’t have a blog to store all my arty browsings then I would use something like Pinterest. I try to give the files names something useful which refer to the artist or source so it helps to categorize the images, for example ‘bear art’.


Jaume Montserrat

Bear art – Jaume Montserrat


Deborah Simon

Bear art – Deborah Simon


Daniel Mackie

Bear art – Daniel Mackie


Step 3 – go the broad browse.

I rarely go into research with any preconceived plan of what I am looking for or what has triggered my browsing .. it is largely driven by finding the time firstly!

I have a range of inspiration resources saved in my favorites, the main ones are on the toolbar and the rest in a folder on the toolbar. I find having them easy to see makes it easier to get underway.

Depending on what I visited last, I might start broadly browsing Pinterest, Etsy or Houzz looking at all topics from art, to home, the creative unusual and fashion. If required I may visit a range of arty magazines, websites and design blogs sometimes saving one or to pics along the way.


artist unkown

artist unkown


Azaara Design - 22k Yellow Gold Dipped Sterling Silver with Rhodium Accents

Azaara Design – 22k Yellow Gold Dipped Sterling Silver with Rhodium Accents



artist unkown


Step 4 – getting a flash of inspiration.

What I am looking for while broad browsing is a flash of inspiration .. an image which I think is cool, interesting, funky or amazing craftsmanship. One image is enough to motivate me to find more, learn more and research more. Some images like in this blog are single finds, not enough for research however most of my posts have started this way and suddenly I want to learn more about an artist, a topic, a medium or a design theory.


Cayce Zavaglia

Cayce Zavaglia


Cayce Zavaglia  was originally trained as a painter, but switched to embroidery 12 years ago in an attempt to establish a non-toxic studio and create a body of work that referenced an embroidered piece she had made as a child growing up in Australia.

“Over the years, I have developed a sewing technique that allows me to blend colors and establish tonalities that resemble the techniques used in classical oil painting. “


Cayce Zavaglia 2

Cayce Zavaglia


Step 5 – research through intrigue.

And now I am inspired to research because I am intrigued!

I want to know how this was done, who by, what motivated them, how do they sell their art, who comments on their art, why certain materials or colors work. But most importantly .. what inspires the artists. I save the images, collect the tidbits of information of random interest and voila! A post is born!

At times there is no information, the movement of images via the web can quickly anonymize the originating artist or source. I try to reference back to the original and bypass all the blogs in between, yet some artists remain obscure like the one below who’s quirky simple animal sketches made me smile.

capreolus - trade.nox

capreolus - trade mushaden

capreolus - trade fetish

Capreolus - too tired to sleep

capreolus - nude.#02.lama

capreolus - nude #01

capreolus - japanese_spirit_commander

Finally step 6 – toss together a few words

I have no inspiration to be an author, I am a happy curator of visual inspiration. I dont mind the few wordy personal musings however a demanding job gives me little time or energy to write. I love to browse all things arty and enjoy sharing that creative feeling with others 🙂

Even if it is ugly art …. wtf is this below? [shakes my head]


kasie campbell

Kasie Campbell


Always the artist