I wish I could afford this beautiful porcelain doll with all its amazing silver and precious stones jewelry. This doll is called Agnia and is by Estonian artist Olga Good.


Olga explains the story which insprires Agnia:

“Agnia is an amazon of Scythians, her tribe has always been ruled by matriarchs, whether they wanted this or not. The girl was born red like sun, so they called her Agnia, which means Fire. She grew up very sensitive, tender and thin, but everyone knew how strong she is, and there was no better warrior. Agnia has a unique story and a very strong character, which makes her a very special doll for us. We were hypnotised by the legends about ancient Scythian people that left so little after but that little tells so much! The heritage of this great civilisation has dissolved in the very soil of ancient culture, enriched it and gave birth to many other cultures as we know them.”

With this work, we tried to pay tribute to the great Scythian people, their artisan jewellers, their kings, their female warriors.This doll is a part of the very special “Timeless Treasures” collection, and is made using our latest mold “One Caress”. It is made of “Ultra Chic” porcelain, painted with overglaze and underglaze paints, and has Angora hair wig. Quality stainless steel springs provide stability of the pose and long-time reliability. Natural leather padding allows smooth and natural limb movements.


In this collection I was happy to work with my precious jeweller, Julia Sukhareva, who made all the jewellery for my dolls. It is a one of a kind set of silver jewellery with precious and semi-precious gems: topaz, amethyst, garnet, rock crystal, tourmaline, beryl. Making jewellery for this collection, Julia was inspired by ancient jewellers and their techniques. She uses no 3D modelling or 3D printing.

Agnia participated in several doll exhibitions, like Spring Doll Salon on Tishinka Expo Center in Moscow in 2016 and “The art of doll” in Tallinn, in 2015.

timelss-treasres-collection-agnia-by-olga-good agnia-by-olga-good-5


Doll’s description
The doll comes with a certificate of authenticity.
• height: 13.5 inch
• head circumference: 4.3 inch
• foot length: 1.2 inch
• material: porcelain
• painting: overglaze paints
• number of parts: 23
• number of ball joints: 21
• wig: natural fur
The doll is made of the most beautiful translucent Ultra Chic porcelain It’s permanent ceramic china-painting has firing temperature over 750 degrees Celsius which make it resistant to mechanical stress and UV rays.
The doll is assembled on the metal springs, rubber bands, joints having suede and UV transparent polymer lining. 21 ball joints are padded with soft suede leather for smooth rotation, along with elastic stringing it provides points of articulation for human-like poses.
Hand-made natural fur removable wig sits very tight but can be taken off if necessary.
Jewellery: the crown, bracelets, and shoes are made of silver.
The cloak and dress are made of natural silk. The dress is hand-maid painted: the patterns are performed in the style of jewellery.


In love with this artist,