After many years hiatus from creating art, I have returned to an original passion of mine .. creating fantasy furniture. However in this time of my life it is now fantasy doll chairs, costumes, accessories and furniture.

Recently I stumbled across ball joint dolls after coveting internationally acclaimed doll artist Marina Bychkova. The creative bug has consumed me as I have found an outlet for creating furniture in miniature scale! It heralds all the benefits of my entire sculptural passion .. fantasy, furniture, home decor, mixed media creativity and of all the wonderful benefits – making doll furniture doesn’t require a full size studio due to its scale so I can achieve all my creative desires on a small workbench!

So here are the my first doll chairs below. I have enjoyed being inspired by themes and revisiting many techniques I had ‘parked’ after closing my studio.

I know this sounds weird, but if I was to say I have a potential vision for my artistic career .. today it would be to be a world class creator of doll furniture! Mind you I hope there is enough of a market so I can make and sell my art 🙂


Butterfly Chair

Unique 1/6 scale OOAK ButterflyChair by Dina. More of a seat than a chair, finished in a durable hard resin coating, this unique OOAK Butterfly chair suitable for 1/5, 1/6 or mini size bjd. I have crafted the butterfly chair as the Cairns Birdwing butterfly which is found in our tropical states. It is true to size, an enormous butterfly with an amazing green color.

Butterfly chair by Dina 1

Enchanted Doll 'Surrea' _35h

This is two resin dolls, Surrea my Enchanted Doll and OOla my Popovy Sisters doll, trying the Butterfly chair for size.

Enchanted Doll 'Surrea' _36a

OOla - doing the butterfly


Celestial Chair

More of a throne than a chair, finished in a durable hard resin coating, this unique OOAK Celestial chair is suitable for any 1/6-1/5-1/4 size bjd. Finished in gold gilt and adorned with natural Jasper and Tigers Eye, this chair is a sturdy throne for both resin and porcelain bjds.

I made the Celestial Chair as part of a competition for Vivid Dolls, it was inspired by one of the Celestial Series dolls ‘Sol’. Being larger than the Butterfly chair, the Celestial Chair is more suitable for Kyeema my porcelain bjd.

Vivid Dolls - 'Sol' Celestial Chair by Dina

Celestial Chair by Dina 3

Kyeema and Celestial chair by Dina _1


Octopus Chair

Unique OOAK Octopus Chair by Dina, suitable for 1/5, 1/6 or mini sized bjds. Finished in a durable hard resin coating, this unique OOAK Octopus chair suitable for a range of bjd with or without a cushion.

I really wanted my Enchanted Doll Surrea to be a RED from Australia and a series of costumes to reflect not only how beautiful she is but how beautiful my homeland is.

This chair and costume is inspired by the beaches, but rather than the hot bright sunny beach I have opted for the beautiful rock-pools alongside the Victorian coastline. Playing doll dress-up reminds me of my childhood shell collecting days along the Great Ocean Road. The cool blue rock-pools with tiny jewel like finds is throughout her costume. The jewelry is sterling silver coral branches with cool blue swarvoski crystals, her gown is the sarong-type beach attire using fabric created by Australian artist and fashion designer Camilla.

Her Octopus throne represents the creatures we used to find among the seaweed lined edges of the rock pools.

Octopus chair by Dina 1

Again both Surrea and OOla fit the Octopus chair.

Enchanted Doll 'Surrea' _19

Enchanted Doll 'Surrea' _17s

OOla - first wig 1

OOla - first wig 3

Always the artist