The ArTTable

The ArTTable studio


“Sharing our skills with others”

I was lucky to be introduced to arts when I was young – many Australians have never had that opportunity. Art and craft for many people can be their personal form of self-expression … like music, speech, dance or writing. In 2002 I founded The ARTTable® which gave women new opportunities:

  • to try a new form of self expression
  • to meet and socialize with others
  • as a means of relaxation
  • as a unique employment opportunity which is rare in the arts industry
  • in self management and business skills


Unfortunately I closed the ArTTable in 2007 due to the GFC and personal life events. I hope to revive the brand one day and in the meantime I am delighted to be able share many of the techniques, tutorials and skills we acquired after helping over 5,000 Australians try art and craft.

The ARTTable


Products for sale

I am currently clearing some final beading products at wholesale prices via my Etsy site. There are over 50 high quality beads, macramé cords and ArTlink tool kits available.


red_garnet2 Czech glass beads