Sculptures and Murals by Dina


As an artist I delight in the 3-dimensional form. Sculpture has brought me so much joy as I experiment with tactile materials, adornments and fossicking to re-purpose found objects.

I enjoy creating intricate detailed forms which are aesthetically intriguing from afar yet s you grow closer the hidden details are carefully unfold. Like nature, if you bother to slow down and look carefully the treasures are hidden all around you.

Kinglake series 3: “A day in the life of”

This mural is the second in the series where I burnt an image using a pyrographic tool onto bluegum veneer. When driving through the devastated town where houses were destroyed almost randomly was so emotionally draining.. to be from the city one can’t imagine the terrifying day the residents endured.

Timber mural – Sharing My Backyard 1

The first in blue-gum timber series which depicts the details of my forest backyard in Brisbane. Here the timber has been covered in a textured pattern of the squiggly gum tree. Gold and silver leaf is encrusted with the squiggly beads, gemstone and fused glass leaves.