Artwork for sale by Dina


Each year I create a limited amount of artwork for sale as I balance work, home and my desire to be an artist.

  • Jewellery items may be purchased via my Etsy site ‘surreal designs’.
  • Please contact me directly for larger murals and sculptures.
  • I am not taking commissions at this stage.

Fantasy doll chairs and costumes

After many years hiatus from creating art, I have returned to an original passion of mine .. creating fantasy furniture. However in this time of my life it is now fantasy doll chairs, costumes, accessories and furniture. Recently I stumbled across ball joint dolls...

Kinglake series 3: “A day in the life of”

This mural is the second in the series where I burnt an image using a pyrographic tool onto bluegum veneer. When driving through the devastated town where houses were destroyed almost randomly was so emotionally draining.. to be from the city one can’t imagine the terrifying day the residents endured.