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Dress artistry

Whether it's fabric art, wearable art or high-end fashion ... dress artistry presents a wonderful opportunity to connect the human form with creative sculptural forms. Blending one of the oldest forms of function for human purpose - clothing, with one of the oldest...

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Strong portraits in blue

These two artists have used entirely different approaches to creating these emotive portraits. Both use blue, both are close-up and personal, and both convey an emotive response at extreme ends of the scale .. from calm to hectic!   Sergio Fiorentino Sergio...

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Budapest’s creative Ruin Bars

The first city on my European artistic holiday was Budapest, a city also known for its Ruin Bars - pubs created in decaying post WW2 buildings. Clearly not found any where else in the world, my camera failed me for interior photos on my trip so these images are via...

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Was Art Deco the last stand?

Was Art Deco the last stand for artists, when society still maintained respect of the craftsman and their contribution to everyday objects, architecture and the skills required? Art Deco was definitely a period of celebrating luxury which equated to artisan designed...

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My new doll, Kyeema

This is my newest bjd (ball joint doll) member, Kyeema, which is an aboriginal name for 'of the dawn'. I love this name as she is a strong earthy girl with an almost edgy grunge .. yet everyday a unique beauty! She is a 1/4 sized (that is 1/4 of a human, about 36cm...

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Seeing art with a first world lens

It never ceases to amaze me how our outer environment and activities motivate our inner creative self! For me, seeing art through a first world lens often leads me into the world of pretty .. it is not a conscious decision but one my inner self is most at peace with,...

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Spiritual and shamanic art

While at the Seven Sisters festival last month I did see some spiritual and shamanic styled art, while not my personal style there is undoubtedly a grand purpose and audience seeking ways to mediate and find a zone of deeper introspection. Looking a these artforms...

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Beautiful baskets

Continuing my theme of traditional women crafts this week is the weaving of beautiful baskets. True its not always traditionally female but so often the basket itself symbolizes the female form and the womb .. its incredible ability to envelope and nurture as a its...

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