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Chinese Elements bedhead | That Creative Feeling by Dina

Chinese Elements bedhead

This bedhead was inspired by a bright yellow Asian silk featuring the fish of wealth encircled by good luck symbols.

The technique is borrowed from the ancient style of ‘japanning’ which originally consisted of layers of tree lacquer being applied to a inner husk.  Over the past century this was modified by many Asian nations to create today’s modern style.

The black-brown ‘japanning’ is built from no less than 16 layers of paints, varnishes and compounds – each meticulously sanded to create the silken touch sensation.  The principles of feng shui have been engaged using the theories of the natural elements:.

- The flat, low line design and a yellow bedspread representing the earth

- The smooth black finish is traditionally acknowledged as water

- Mountains which represent the tiger are balanced by the elements of water and forests

- Typical Chinese scenery of a careful flowing water line has been cut within an exotic timber veneer

- Symbols

All topped by a fiery red sun representing the dragon which has been hand cast in a clear resin typical of Fantasy Dreams creations.



Chinese Elements bedhead by Dina Goebel

Chinese Elements bedhead by Dina Goebel


Chinese Elements bedhead by Dina Goebel

Chinese Elements bedhead by Dina Goebel

Author: Dina

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