Saturday coffee chat

Saturday morning is to browse, craft and chat.


Saturday’s I make time for browsing, crafting, blogging and having friends over for coffee chat. Ray goes to work, I’m home and it’s my time for creative musing and sharing ideas over a cuppa in my fluffy slippers 🙂

I hope you enjoy my projects and musings below, happy to chat about your creative projects too so send some through to me!

Saturday morning random creative browsing

Saturday morning and browsing beautiful art

Some days it is just enough to soak in all the beautiful art being created. I have been spending my week painting my beautiful Enchanted Doll so my browsing has been drawn to the relaxed arts. Enjoy!                                           Always the artist...

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Take our poll about Christmas art

Is Christmas art kitsch or inspiring? I was curious how artists were fairing in creating wondrous Christmas themed art. Yet despite my best Saturday morning browsing - Christmas art yielded very few quality items! Was I missing something in my browsing technique? Once...

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How to browse all things arty

I love having a leisurely browse for all things arty while relaxing from work and renovating. I am often asked how do I find the material I collect for my posts? Occasionally my 'well' does run dry and I struggle to find some inspiration but usually it is triggered by...

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The art of wine glasses

Who doesn't love a drop of red for dinner, white wine with seafood and sweet wines late in the evening by the fireplace. So why wouldn't you enjoy them even more through using beautiful art wine glasses! I am a wine glass collector, well wish I was .. I have two art...

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Craft projects by Dina

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Always the artist

My name is Dina and I hope you enjoy my blog on inspiration of contemporary arts, crafts and design in your own home. Read more about Dina here ...

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