Your dolls are breeding was a term a friend used, obsessive collecting is probably a more realistic statement!

Since accidentally acquiring my first ball joint doll 18 months ago I remain incredibly enamored and passionately engaged with dolls as my creative outlet. My first doll was from Enchanted Doll sculptor Marina Bychkova, I have now collected 11 bjds from artists around the world.

My collections ranges from 20cm to 40cm tall with the majority of them 40cm which are also known as 16″ or 1/4 scale ball joint dolls. They also range in materials from porcelain to resin and one vinyl doll. The porcelain are my favorite for artistic sculpting however the resin are far cheaper and are often produced by the original porcelain artists to help extend the affordability of their designs.

I was a mad Barbie kid until I was 10 years old, I am not sure why the Barbies left me, I’m not even sure where they went! But now, as an adult, I have re-found this great hobby although I do see myself as an old, obsessed, crazy doll-lady nowadays. Doesnt matter though as they do fuel my own creativity!

I make dresses, furniture, sculpt chairs, design Victorian lampshades, bead, sew, photograph, create scenes and themes, make books, postcards, doll jewelry, print fabric, go to shows, use social media and graphic design tools .. just everything I adore doing as an artist but in small scale.

So perhaps not so crazy after-all, just another happy artist. Here are a few pics from my doll cabinet, enjoy, and sorry for the large pics which are slow to load!
(Pictured top is 20cm resins from Russia waiting for some face-paint).

Always the artist Dina xo

Inas and OOLa

Left: Inas a 40cm resin from Japan. Right: OOla a 40cm resin from Russia.

Line-up front

Merindah and Alinta

Left: Merindah a 40cm porcelain. Right: Alinta a 30cm porcelain. Both from Russia.

Sybarite Regent - arrival day

40cm vinyl Sybarite Regent – arrival day

Kyeema and Kalina

Kyeema and Kalina – 40 cm porcelains from the USA.

Talarah - Blue Morpho 3

Talarah, a 30cm porcelain from Canada.