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That Creative Feeling is an artistic blog and adventure by Australian sculpture Dina Goebel.

“Women are looking for alternate ways to express themselves and satisfy their creative needs but often don’t know where to begin.”

Dina Goebel 2007

This is exactly what motivates me .. helping others feel inspired about art and craft in their home. When I was teaching at theArTTable, literally hundreds of women expressed the same sentiment .. as wives, mothers, workers they had never had the opportunity to try being creative.

Often the only means of substantiating a creative outlet was through sewing, home decorating, doing inexpensive useful housewife crafts and a momentary opportunity at high school art. Most of the public have no confidence to even begin being an artist!

In starting this blog I wanted to capture what feeds me as an artist and hope it inspires you to give it a go.

For 7 years I did work full time as an artist and will return to the studio as my professional career when I retire from corporate life. In the meantime my artistic expression has never left me, be it in this blog, renovating my home or creating and exploring my own artistic style.

That is because I AM ALWAYS THE ARTIST


In starting this blog I wanted to capture what feeds me as an artist and hope it inspires you to give it a go.


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Dina's Artist Statement

Generally my work has been nature based, I am driven to express my view as a suburban householder concerned about our natural environment.

Reality is in-fact … that we like our consumer products and as home-owners we selectively forget about our collective impact. Sadly this is not going to change. In my work I ask myself, how can we embrace a unison between our consumer desires and maintain our values in the protection of our native environment?

More recently I have begun to explore how modern consumer desires are impacting women and the façade we wear as a result of being moulded. This path for me is a new unexplored journey for me creatively.


Fantasy Dreams Bedhead by Dina, Enchanted Forest

My creative history


Dina has been an art practitioner since high school. Predominantly self-taught, Dina has attended formal workshops in ceramics, sculpture, stone masonry and mosaic. This has been complimented with further studies in Interior Design and part-time studies in a Diploma of Fine Art.

Dina first started exhibiting her paintings while in high school and gradually moved to home furnishings and sculptural forms after her children were born. In 1997 Dina established a functional art business in Brisbane where she created the unusual Fantasy Dreams furnishing. The stunning bedhead designs have been exported around the world and are custom designed for clients from all backgrounds.

In 2002, after corporate life, Dina established the ArTTable which offers the tuition and supply of art & craft materials throughout Australia. Passionate about art and craft, Dina dreamed of giving other women an opportunity to do what they love by taking creativity to the people.

Dina has returned to full-time corporate work and continues to develop her sculptural murals and art-forms from her Melbourne home inspired by her Partners photography and entwining herself into a new modern yet cultural city. Her blog thatcreativefeeling.com, established in 2012, aims to enable women to experience the joy of creative inspiration in their own homes by role modelling the artistic possibilities within everyone’s reach.

Most of Dina’s artwork has been private commissions from individuals seeking a unique and decorative approach for their homes.

Dina Goebel - sculptural artist
Fantasy Dreams Bedheads
The ArTTable

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Profile - Dina Goebel 2007
My boys, now young men.

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