My name is Dina,

I’m an Australian sculptural artist with a passion for all arty things creative, surreal and inspiring.

Here’s to sharing the passion!

That Creative Shop


I collect artist-made dolls ...

and I make things for dolls

When collecting goes from hobby to crazy

As an artist I have collected art and followed artists all my life. Nearly 8 years ago I stumbled across a lovely doll artist Marina Bychkova and her wonderful Enchanted dolls, the quality of workmanship was exquisite. After following her engaging blog for a few years...

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Books by Dina

now on Amazon

Book - A Secret Life of Dolls (volume 1, 2017)

Book Secret Life of Dolls v2


That Creative Home

my mid-century reno plus other creative ideas

Bright color renovations mid-century style

Why do we shy away from bright colors in our homes? Not me! I love striking colors, rich textures, bold patterns and something to look at everywhere I turn with art and sculpture. A mouthful of a sentence and an eyeful fro those that prefer the less mundane and home...

Our Mid-century home is finally reborn

After renovating for 7 years, we have restored, expanded, polished, refurbished and modernised our little MCM. I trust we were able to keep some of its authentic charm while expanding this home to be more livable in today times. The original home was built in 1959 and...

A little more history of our Mid-century home

We have had the lucky opportunity to stumble across a lovely tiny mid-century home in 2009 and commenced our journey of discovering its history, renovating and turning this into a wonderful place for ourselves. Below is the history of the home and some of our...

That Creative Blog … for even more creative inspiration!

I no longer keep this blog active but it is choc-full of great stuff!

Faceless portraits put you in the picture

A different take on portraits - is one of being faceless. It offers viewers an opportunity to create their own version of the image, to position themselves within the portrait or to think back to hazy memories. What ever their purpose, faceless portraits enable...

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Dress artistry

Whether it's fabric art, wearable art or high-end fashion ... dress artistry presents a wonderful opportunity to connect the human form with creative sculptural forms. Blending one of the oldest forms of function for human purpose - clothing, with one of the oldest...

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